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What is the airbrush makeup advantage?

Airbrush makeup can go on as light as a feather for sheer coverage that enhances natural beauty. Or you can gradually layer if more coverage is desired. Unprecedented control and creativity set airbrush makeup apart.

Why is HiDef boosting airbrush makeup adoption?

HiDef TB reveals the slightest imperfections in makeup. A light layer of airbrush makeup can naturally conceal these imperfections without a "caked on" appearance.

What is the best airbrush makeup?

Temptu Pro is the leading brand of airbrush makeup used extensively by on-air TV talent and by stage and screen makeup artists.

Is there more than one type of airbrush makeup?

Yes. Temptu makes S/B (our recommended type), Aqua (a well regarded water based makeup) and Dura (for special effects and temporary tattoos).

What is included in Airbrush Makeup Kits?

An airbrush, airbrush compressor and foundation is pretty standard. Beyond that an extensive array of blushes, highlighters, concealer, or other makeup products may be included. The Student Kit is great for newcomers, the Deluxe Kit is great for pros.

Do I need professional airbrush makeup?

Why not? A little airbrush makeup goes a long way. Why not treat yourself to the best with Temptu S/B?

Is airbrush makeup okay for sensitive skin?

Temptu S/B makeup is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. With its light layers, airbrush makeup is often the best choice for different skin types and conditions.

How do I pick the best makeup shade?

The Temptu starter kits have 12 small foundation shades that cover a wide array of skin tones. These are also blendable if needed; choose the two shades that bracket your complexion and mix together in the airbrush for a perfect match.

How do I learn the airbrush techniques for makeup?

The Temptu Airbrush Makeup 101 DVD is a great place to start and we also have free videos on the site. For personal assistance, just contact us.

What do I look for in a cosmetic airbrush?

We recommend a dual action, top feed airbrush with less than a .5 mm needle size. The Temptu SP-35 is our standard makeup airbrush. Iwata also makes a number of very good models.

What is the best airbrush makeup machine?

Since only low air pressure is required for makeup, beware of companies selling cheap compressors. We recommend oil-less compressors from the market leaders Temptu or Iwata.

How do I clean and care for my airbrush?

We have several step by step videos demo-ing techniques ranging from simple cleaning for color changes to complete airbrush tear down and reassembly.